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Increase website traffic through SEO optimization

Increase Website traffic through SEO optimization

April 1st, 2020 | Reading time: 4 minutes


Written by @Matthias Borch

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Increase website traffic through SEO optimization

Nowadays, the website is one of the basic equipment of the advertising presence of companies. As more and more companies present themselves online, the competition for website traffic is also increasing. So it is increasingly a challenge to stand your ground in the online ranking.

Many companies still focus too much on an attractive visual design of the website. Often the topic SEO optimization is left out. However, the relevance of SEO optimization becomes clear when companies realize that hardly any traffic arrives on their website. So how can website traffic be increased? It is worth the effort to invest more time in SEO optimization. Even the implementation of simple measures lead to constant success.

If you imagine yourself searching for companies, information or products on a daily basis, this again illustrates the high importance of SEO optimization. You often start your own search query with the search engine Google. In order to obtain suitable results for the searched for, a certain search term or a concatenation of terms is entered here. As a result, Google will suggest suitable websites that are best described by the search terms. The results are displayed in a certain ranking order. The order in which the search results are displayed is influenced by the SEO optimization of the websites. As you know it yourself, you often click on the topmost displayed links on Google. The following statistics illustrate that the click probability is highest for the top hits. Therefore, the goal is to rank your own website at the top for a particular keyword.


Statistik 1: Prozentuale Klickwahrscheinlichkeit von Rankingposition (URL: https://www.sistrix.de/news/klickwahrscheinlichkeiten-in-den-google-serps/)


Better ranking position through SEO optimization

Thus SEO optimization is crucial to get more traffic to the website. Every website is regularly scanned by Google for certain characteristics. The better these features of a website are set up, the higher up the website will be in the ranking. To be successful here, it is recommended to invest time in the SEO optimization of your own website on a regular basis. The following illustration shows that SEO optimization starts before the website is created and otherwise must be considered in all process steps of a website development.

Eigene Darstellung 1: Prozess der Website-Entwicklung


SEO optimization during the website development process

The illustration shows that the first thing to do is to select the appropriate keyword for the website. Via the keyword the user gets to the website. Also in step two, content optimization is crucial for a good ranking. The text on the website should refer to the keyword and contain topic-related terms. A simple tip is to use terms that are associated with the keyword. This way the website Google communicates that relevant content is on this website for the keyword. The next step is to create the website. There are numerous setting options for this, which have a positive effect on the ranking position. Among other things, the user has various plug-ins available, which are particularly suitable for SEO optimization. Even beyond the launch of the website, the SEO optimization goes beyond. Here it is important to stay on the ball and make regular adjustments and updates to secure and maintain a good ranking position in the long term. You will see that with SEO optimization you will achieve a higher website traffic.

Matthias Borch

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