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Successful marketing of industrial services

Successful marketing of industrial services

 June 10th, 2020 | Reading time: 3 minutes


Written by @Matthias Borch

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Deficits in the marketing of industrial services

The industrial services sector is of high strategic importance and is one of the key industries of the German economy. Its services are diverse and offer solutions for process optimization, system integration or customer management. With their innovative services, they contribute to the success and international competitiveness of other companies.

The high importance of industrial services suggests that a high demand and thus a high level of profitability is associated with these services. However, this assumption is not reflected in the companies’ sales and profits. According to a study by the Mannheim University of Applied Sciences, industrial services only account for 14.8 % of company sales. Small companies in particular often lack the capacity and competence to market their services alongside their day-to-day business, as the following figures illustrate.

Only 40% of companies communicate with potential service customers consistently target group oriented.

Only 23% of companies try to highlight the benefits of their services.

Deficits in the marketing of industrial services

Apparently most industrial companies lack a marketing concept to adequately market their know-how. It has been shown that the total turnover of companies with a marketing concept is 15% higher than that of companies without a concept.

To support you in successfully marketing your services, we have identified relevant factors for customer-oriented communication.

  1. Divide services into business types
    First, the services offered should be divided into categories such as product, system or integration business. In this way, the entire category can be advertised. This enables efficient marketing due to the similar services of a segment.
  2. Highlighting competencies
    When presenting one’s own services, it is particularly important to communicate one’s own advantages. To increase customer preference for your services, you need to communicate what makes your services so special and how you stand out from the competition.
  3. Addressing customer needs
    Customers often look for a solution to their problem. Therefore, communication should be individually tailored to the customer’s problems. It is also important to emphasize the success of the respective services, such as the positive effects of the respective industrial services on process optimization, customer satisfaction or turnover.

After the strategy has been created on the basis of the guide provided, the marketing of the industrial services must be communicated to the customers. As B2B products have special characteristics and this has an impact on communication, we present in our blog article Digital communication of industrial goods how to communicate your products correctly on digital channels.


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