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Increasing Conversion Rate by applying Click-Path-Analysis

Increasing Conversion Rate using Click-Path-Analysis

 July 2oth, 2020 | Reading time: 5 minutes


Written by @Matthias Borch

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Why are online companies like Netflix, Amazon and Spotify so successful? It’s simple: They understand their customers best. By regularly analyzing user data, they gain relevant insights for their business model. This enables them to offer their online services in a more customer-oriented way. B2B companies can also use this potential. With a customer-oriented approach to their website, they increase their conversion rate.

Understanding the Online Behavior of Customers

In the field of web analytics, there are numerous analysis tools to make the website customer-oriented. Especially with click path analysis, the usage behaviour of customers can be comprehensively illuminated and meaningful insights can be gained. The term click path describes the number of clicks that a user makes on a website in order to achieve a specific goal (conversion). An example of a click path is the completion of a purchase in an online shop. The user makes several clicks to get closer to the goal of completing the purchase.


Conversion Rate as strong KPI for Website Performance

By analyzing the click path, the causes for a low
completion of the target project. The target action will
is measured by the conversion rate. Depending on the website, the the reason for a low level of target completion and therefore a individual consideration required. How the findings from a click path analysis for the optimization of a customer-oriented
website, is demonstrated using the example of a B2B online shop showed.

Reasons for a low Conversion Rate

Average Page Views

The more clicks the customer needs to order a product, the lower the conversion rate. Since customers want to reach their destination as quickly as possible, the probability of jumping off increases with every additional page the customer has to call up. It is therefore recommended to design the online shop more clearly so that the purchase can be completed with just a few clicks.

Bounce Rate as Obstacle

Another reason for the poor performance of the online shop can be due to a single page that the customer passes through during the purchasing process. The click path analysis is used to analyze whether there are sites where the abandonment of the purchase process is significantly higher than on other sites. This indicates that, from the customer’s point of view, the effort required to deal with this page is greater than the benefit of completing the purchase. It is therefore necessary to consider how to make the page simpler and more customer-friendly in order to reduce the bounce rate.

Page Views

With the click path analysis, the order of the page calls can be analyzed. This shows, for example, whether a page is called several times or which page is visited next by customers after the initial page. This information can be used to analyse whether the customer’s page sequence makes sense and whether only a few clicks are needed to complete a purchase. If, for example, customers keep jumping back and forth between different pages during the purchase process, this often leads to a cancellation. From this behavior, it can be concluded that a user-friendly interface with easy navigation to the next page in the buying process is required.

The click path analysis shows that this tool can be used to track customer behavior on the website very well. With the insights gained from the analysis, the website can be made even more customer-oriented and the conversion rate can be increased. The focus should not only be on the website, but on the complete digital journey in order to increase the conversion rate in the long run. In this way, it is easy for B2B companies to be successful in the digital world.


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