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B2B Marketing Trends 2020 – HUMAN EXPERIENCE

B2B Marketing Trends 2020 – HUMAN EXPERIENCE

October 24th , 2020 | Reading time: 4 minutes


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Digitization in all areas of life has increased massively in recent years. This can clearly be seen, among other things, in the average time a person spends on the Internet. In the 14-19 age group, for instance, the Internet is used for 344 minutes a day­­­ – that is almost 6 hours.¹ If you consider that a person sleeps about 7 hours, spends 1 ½ hour eating and drinking and another ½ hour in the bathroom, you know that this age group spends almost half of the time they can use for activities on the internet.²³ These are incredible figures! The result is a fundamental change in the way we experience life. In the field of marketing, this change is reflected in the marketing trend “Human Experience”, which is the subject of this blog article.

 For instance, the Internet is used for 344 minutes a day in the 14-19 age group”

Source: Statista

With the blog article “Human Experience” I would like to explain the second central marketing trend for the year 2020 in more detail. In combination with the first part of the blog series, in which I wrote about the Marketing Trend Purpose, I want to emphasize once again that people are the driving force behind the changes.


“Human experience” describes the totality of all experiences that a person makes in the course of his life. In a business context, this means the interactions and relationships of a brand with its customers, employees and business partners.

In times of digital communication, this experience can be lost. Despite efforts to replicate human behavior and gestures through automation and AI, the essential elements of the human connection – eye contact, personal touch, empathy – are still not replaceable by technology. The correct use of technology is crucial though, as it also has the potential to increase the time and number of human connections.

Human Experience (2)

Differentiating factor customer experience

The trend is that those companies that succeed in addressing the unsatisfied human need for connection will be more successful than those that do not. In fact, these companies already have significantly higher levels of employee and customer satisfaction and customers are willing to pay between 13 and 18 percent more for a good customer experience.

Companies have already recognized this and two thirds of them compete mainly on the basis of customer experience. However, this trend will intensify in the coming years, making the customer experience the number one brand differentiator.

Customers are willing to pay between 13 and 18 percent more for a good customer experience

Source: Deloitte

Analysis of customer feedback

To provide your customers with the best possible customer experience, we recommend that you collect, analyze and use customer feedback – this has proven to be the key to success. In order to collect the data, you can use surveys, Net Promoter Score (NPS) programs or your social media channels.

In the analysis of the data it helps to classify them. Frequency tables, for example, are a excellent way to do this. Your aim is to obtain a detailed picture of customer expectations, on the basis of which you can create products and services that lead to tailor-made customer solutions.

Our experience shows that most B2B companies today no longer invest large budgets in campaigns aimed at attracting large numbers of new customers, but rather focus on their existing clients. The reason for this is that customers have constantly new expectations which, if not met, result in customer churn.

Basic customer expectations in the field of web design

Customer expectations in the field of web design are regularly determined by various studies. In particular, the following facts should be important for you:

75 percent of customers report that they judge the seriousness of a company by the quality of its website. At the same time, 57 percent go even one step further and say that they would generally not recommend a company with a bad website. This clearly shows how important a well-designed website is for a company!

„ 75 percent of customers report that they judge the seriousness of a company by the quality of its website”.

However, expectations are not limited to the desktop view, as almost 52 per cent of global website traffic is generated via mobile phones.¹⁰ This is also the reason why the mobile version is a top priority for us when designing customer websites. Since we work with the content management system (CMS) WordPress, we can use layouts anyway, which are automatically displayed optimally on all screens.

Specific expectations and how we meet them

The expectations of a website we analyze very precisely. For instance, we know that website visitors spend an average of 5.94 seconds on the main page and 5.59 seconds reading the content.¹¹ Due to the short time span we are convinced that a clear overview and structure is of the highest priority for the success of a website. In order to meet this user behavior, we focus mainly on 1) design, 2) functionality, 3) readability and 4) the 3-click rule. With the 3-click rule, we ensure that the user needs a maximum of three clicks to reach his goal.

“We focus mainly on 1) design, 2) functionality, 3) readability and 4) the 3-click rule”.

On the other hand, we know that website visitors demand a maximum loading time of 2 seconds. By using WordPress plugins such as “Autooptimize” or “Imagify” we always ensure that this expectation is met.

Furthermore, the customer also has high expectations in terms of communication. On the one hand, he expects various communication channels to be available (telephone, e-mail, etc.), but also a personal service. For this reason, we position the possibility of communication prominently and easily found on your website. Another great possibility is the integration of a chatbot function, which enables customer service in real time.

I hope you enjoyed the article and, above all, that it brought you new insights! We are also very happy to receive your feedback! What do you think about the trend? Is there a point that is not mentioned in the topic, but belongs to it?

Furthermore, as after each of our blog articles, we invite you to contact us at kontakt@dg-webdesign.com if you are interested in any of our offers!

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² https://de.statista.com/statistik/daten/studie/37082/umfrage/durchschnittliche-zeit-in-minuten-die-am-tag-mit-essen-und-trinken-verbracht-wird/

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 See “We’re only human: Exploring and quantifying the human experience.”






¹⁰ https://www.statista.com/statistics/277125/share-of-website-traffic-coming-from-mobile-devices/#:~:text=Mobile%20accounts%20for%20approximately%20half,since%20the%20beginning%20of%202017.

¹¹ https://www.sweor.com/firstimpressions

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