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  • conversion_rateIncreasing Conversion Rate by applying Click-Path-Analysis
    The conversion rate is a strong indicator for the performance analysis of your website. It can provide relevant insights into customer behavior and website optimization. […]
  • B2B Marketing Trends 2020 – HUMAN EXPERIENCE
    Enormous changes in the marketing world are upcoming! Our second blog article "Human Experience" presents the second - in our opinion central - marketing trend for the year 2020 and gives advice on how to make your customer communication "future-ready". […]
  • seo_blogIncrease website traffic through SEO optimization
    In view of the enormous demands on modern web design, it is all the more important to actively and consciously manage the development process of the website. […]


DG Webdesign provides individual digital marketing solutions in the fields of web design, SEO, e-commerce and digital marketing consulting. In the past DG Webdesign could use its experience and expertise of several years to help freelancers, small and medium sized companies to present themselves professionally on the internet and to win new customers.
With a specialization on the industrial middle class, DG Webdesign has developed especially for middle class companies in the B2B area coordinated and integrative solutions and services.

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David Grotkasten

David started the DG Webdesign project 2016. Since then he managed and executed web project ranging from small webpages up to large E-commerce shops.

Matthias Borch

Matthias deals with the development of digital strategies, as well as other topics such as campaign and media management.

Samuel Brech

Samuel is a technical business economist and has experience in marketing, product management and strategy development